Finn Academy is a tuition-free public charter school.


At Finn Academy, a K through 6 charter school, we promote an inclusive, rigorous and nurturing environment to best prepare our children for their future and to cultivate a community of scholars, leaders and friends.


In the 2022-2023 academic year, we will serve scholars in grades Kindergarten – 6th grade.

Design Elements

  1. Community Connections: At Finn Academy all scholars engage in the larger community through teacher planned projects and field studies that bring awareness and service to the community in which they live.  Scholars become more deeply engaged in their academic and social content due to the direct applications of their academic learning in real-world settings.
  2. STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math: Finn Academy incorporates a class for STEM instruction at all grade levels. Our STEM coursework builds a solid foundation in mathematical, and science and engineering practices that support success in all subject areas.  Through our emphasis on problem-solving, and the engineering design process, scholars can utilize their curiosity and creativity to practice skills in context to real-world problems.  STEM elements are further incorporated throughout the school day through our curriculum and provide scholars with authentic and purposeful (hands-on) experiential learning.  Our model includes a STEM lab, Maker Space and both indoor and outdoor gardens where scholars become practicing scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.
  3. College and Career Readiness:  Finn Academy emphasizes the importance of all scholars being college and career ready through exposure to institutions of higher education and career exploration. The school also builds a solid foundation of skills for scholars to be prepared for a future of success.
  4. Advisory Program: Finn Academy scholars’ communication, pro-social, and problem-solving skills are strengthened through daily advisory meetings called “crew”.  All members of the staff are infused into the program by creating positive and meaningful connections that will help scholars experience and live out core values.  Additionally, this program unites staff in a common vision for extending compassion and guidance over time to scholars and their families.
  5. Wellness: Finn Academy is dedicated to promoting physical and socio-emotional wellness. Finn Academy provides fitness and dance instruction for every scholar; each elementary scholar has daily recess, with trained staff that engages scholars in daily play and supports our universal norms and core values. Scholars experience the nutritional, community, and academic benefits of an Edible Schoolyard program to engage them in the work of planning for, cultivating, harvesting, and enjoying fresh vegetables. Finn Academy also employs staff to support social emotional wellness, through counseling, classroom-based instruction, and a behavior-support system.  Daily morning and closing crew contribute to a school-wide culture that promotes physical and social-emotional well-being.
  6. Professional Development and Teacher Support: Finn Academy staff have the opportunity to work in an environment that provides at least five hours of monthly professional development sessions focused on school-wide priority areas, coaching from instructional leaders, data meetings, observations and feedback cycles. An additional four and a half hours of weekly planning time allows teachers the time to prepare and organize materials and to facilitate purposeful discussions around data, scholar growth, and instruction. Teachers utilize data regarding scholar performance on a regular basis to inform instruction and better meet learners’ needs. All staff participate in a week of professional development sessions prior to the start of each new school year.


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